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Volume 3 - Issue 1
- Dare to Dream...
- "Yes, I Can!"
- Goal-Getters
- Leave the World a Bit Better

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Volume 2 - Issue 11
- The Strangest Secret
- Strategies for Success
- The Law of Mount Everest

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Volume 2 - Issue 9
- Overcomers
- Beyond the Challenge
- Help in the Downward Financial Spiral

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Volume 2 - Issue 6
- Rainbows from Rain
- Let’s Just Sing
- Be Grateful for the Good
- The Upward Look

Vol. 6 - Issue 2
  •  The Power of Encouragement
  •  Encourager or Discourager—What will you be?
  •  How to Encourage
  •  Be Encouraged—8 tips to celebrate how far you've come
  •  Parenting from the Heart—The words that could unlock your child
  •  Notable Quotes--Encouragement
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   There is power in encouragement. There is power in a positive word, a kind gesture, or a small gift. It can change someone's day, and may just be what's needed to heal a heart or lift someone's spirit. The articles and stories in this issue of Motivated show how powerful kind words and deeds are, and how they can change lives, including our own. Let's encourage each other today!


Daily Quote

To lose either money, health, trust, or loved ones is a great loss, but the greatest tragedy is to lose faith. Are you without faith? Don't give up. There's a miracle waiting for you. Faith can be regained in that very moment when you turn to God with a believing spirit.

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